Blokset- has been type tested by internationally recognized institutes and is certified compliant with IEC61439-1 international standard.




Schneider Electric



    • Blokset is a highly safe and reliable LV switchboard & MCC
    • It has been type tested according to IEC61439-1, internal arc and seismic withstand.
    • It covers all LV applications: power distribution, MCC/iMCC, speed drives, soft-starters and capacitors.
    • It is manufactured by more than 50 factories worldwide, close to end-users.
    • It has an installed base of 100,000 cubicles, in industrial & critical sites.

All LV power applications in one equipment


Blokset D Blokset Dc Blokset Ms Blokset Mf Blokset Mw
Power distribution application Reactive energy compensation application Variable speed drives and soft starters application Fixed motor control center (MCC) Withdrawable motor control center(MCC & iMCC)


Type-Tested Assembly

Tests Conducted


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Smart Panel

Local or on-line Energy Management

You can only manage what you measure and see. Therefore, Schneider Electric Smart Panels are the basis of a simple solution to understand how a building functions in terms of its energy consumption and technical performance. Smart Panels are your first step to start an energy management strategy. Combined with Schneider Electric Energy Management Services, they form a complete solution for real energy savings.

Smart Panels are based on Ethernet network. Ethernet is widely used in domestic and industrial applications, allowing easy transparent access to electrical devices from any location.

The different possible connections of Smart Panels are summarized on the schemes below:

1) On-line Energy Management Services using Schneider Electric’s cloud.

2) Enerlin’X local display to monitor and control the switchboard.

3) Standard computer or workstation to easily access Enerlin’X devices web pages or run a local Energy Management application.

Schneider Electric Smart-Panel

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