NEX is indoor, metal-enclosed switchgear designed for the MV section of HV/MV and MV/MV substations.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: We regret to inform you that we have temporarily suspended manufacture of NEX panels due to a design migration and related license renewal process. This page shall be updated when we resume our HT offers.


Schneider Electric


Schneider Electric


IEC 62271-200

    • NEX complies with IEC 62271-200 standard.
    • Rated insulation voltage: up to 17.5 kV
    • Nominal current: 630 A to 2500 A
    • Lightning surge withstand: 75kV and 95kVpeak
    • Main circuit short-time withstand current: up to 31.5 kA 3s
    • Earthing switch short-time withstand current: up to 31.5kA 3s
    • Internal arc withstand: up to 25 kA 0.5s



Specification Value
Rated voltage (kV) 12
Insulation level 50 Hz/ 1 mn (kV rms) 28
1.2/ 50 μs (kV peak) 75
Maximum short-time withstand current and nominal current :
Functional unit with vacuum circuit breaker Ith max (kA/3s) 31.5
In max (A) 2 500
Internal arc withstand IAC-AFLR (kA/s) 25/ 0.5
Protection index IP3X, IP4X