Power Distribution Board

DISTRIBUTION Boards: Customized wall mounted/Floor mounted boards, to suite customer requirements in terms of compactness and budget.


Switchgear and Control Technics


Switchgear and Control Technics




    • Typical DBs are wall mounted types but can be constructed to freestanding if required.
    • Can be constructed from 1.5 to 2mm sheet steel.
    • Design can adopt to phase segregation and form 3b construction.This system has been tailored to meet individual requirements for distribution board installation.
    • Enclosure design is tested at CPRI for IP54.
    • Design is modular, thus giving flexibility to accommodate change by addition or deletion of cubicles.


A modular solution, unique in the market, that is safe and simple. Offers the best electrical, mechanical and communication consistency of the market.You control your costs and deadlines.

PDB has logical and self-evident switchboard layouts by zone for easy access to switchgear, power distribution, connection points and cable ducts. Setting and testing can be performed easily on these boards.