• Blokset

    415/690V LT Panels.

    Blokset is an high power low voltage equipment. It is a system offering high level of dependability. It is a high safety and reliability equipment using Schneider Electric low voltage protection components and switchgear. It is modular made up of a number of sections.

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  • Power Distribution Board

    Floor Standing/ Wall Mounted DistributionBoards

    CPRI tested boards with Modular design customised to the requirements. Available in both Floor Mounted and wall Mounted designs.

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  • NEX

    11kV MV Panels

    NEX is designed according to the best practices in terms of installation, operation and maintenance: reliability, simplicity & safety. Type tested in accordance with IEC 62271, the medium voltage parts are compartmented and guarantees a high level of protection of people.

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  • Busways

    upto 6300A Sandwich / Air Insulated type Busways

    Decentralized Power Distribution system . Feeder, Rising Main and Distribution system application. Type tested, 100% reusable, easy & quick installation and a lot more ..

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  • Sheet Metal Works

    Wide range of Sheet Metal subcontracting works

    We use state of the art machinery for punching, bending, welding and powder coating. The company prides in its engineering strength, quality assurance and competitive pricing.

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